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Flue systems 50 years of successes

Flues system: Beza S.r.l. was founded in the late 60’s and then grew to be a company mainly dealing with metal fabrication, metal sheet workmanship and production of flue systems.

Our company has constantly followed the flow of the evolution of chimney pipes and, in some cases, has even actively contributed to the technological advancement of the various products.

We were among the first companies to commercialize conducts entirely manufactured in stainless steel and later on corrugated flexible pipes manufactured in stainless steel and aluminium.


FROM 1966 TO 2016

Italian quality


The evolution

Our company strongly believed these products were worth developing and, as the market evolved, we became one of the first companies in Italy to actually produce them.

Today Beza S.r.l. offers a wide range of innovative, cutting-edge and certified products.
Our products come at an excellent price/quality ratio and this is what allows us to compete with the most technologically advanced products within the European market.

We have always paid the maximum attention to the evolution of the market and the related laws and regulations and have always presented new products such us flexible pipes in stainless steel with a smooth inner wall, twin wall systems and systems manufactured in PPs and carbon steel.

Logistics is also extremely important to us. As a matter of fact we are proud owners of a 7000 sq production warehouse as well as an additional 1500 sq warehouse were products are assembled and stored.

The staff

Beza S.r.l. has a team of young and expert top managers and a qualified personnel perfectly capable of leading the company towards the future.

Our sales network covers the entire domestic territory and is now expanding into the European market. We are indeed the leading Italian company in the plumbing and heating sector.

Expert freelancers work alongside with our staff in order to guarantee the reliability of our products and assure a constant and direct contact with our clients.

The next few years will be presenting us with several challenges and will be putting us in front of some hard choices. Ambitious as our goals for the future might be, the commitment of our staff and the will to make all economic efforts necessary allow us to maintain our leading position in the present and will continue doing so in the future.