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BEZA FIT combines the properties of carbon steel with an advanced enamelling process that gives it total resistance to corrosion. The elements of the BEZA FIT system are equipped with a male-female socket with the addition of a heat-resistant silicone gasket. When foreseen for a natural draft operation, without gasket, it is able to withstand a maximum combustion products temperature of 600 ° C. THE BEZA FIT VETROPORCELLANATE SYSTEM The new BEZA FIT single wall system was created to be used as a smoke duct and as a duct for pellet stoves. Thanks to an advanced enamelling process (which gives it a total resistance to corrosion) the BEZA FIT system has obtained the maximum corrosion resistance class V2 according to the European standard UNI EN1856.


  • Aesthetically elegant and harmonious;
  • Maximum class of corrosion resistance V2;
  • Also suitable for P1 pressure systems;
  • Optimal smoke discharge thanks to the smooth internal surface;
  • Tested in extreme conditions according to UNI EN1856;
  • Class G, resistant to the thermal shock of a fire.

The symbols P1, W, V2, clearly quoted both in the label affixed on the pipe and in the D.O.P. (Declaration Of Performance), unequivocally indicate that this particular flue system is definitely suitable for condensing state-of-the-art boilers.

Its installation and matching with various boilers must be left to skilled professionals that will respect the standards and laws in effect.

This product will be the installer’s or designer’s first choice since it can be perfectly matched with:

Single wall flue system Beza Fit

The features of this system are quoted in the “Declaration Of Performance – D.O.P” (to download the D.O.P simply click on the image at the bottom of this page).
A full comprehension of the D.O.P ensures a correct use of this product.
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