Beza Academy presenta i webinar del mese di Novembre:

  •  Dimensionamento  Canna Fumaria con esempi pratici – venerdì 05 novembre alle ore 11,00
  •  Prodotti a parete singola Drive-Joint-Simple Mod: casi d’uso – venerdì 19 novembre alle ore 11,00

AsterGen-C - Software for calculating

Software for calculating, designing and estimate individual and collective flues

AsterGen-C is a single software environment, based on a very explanatory graphics window containing the main phases of the project can be addressed easily calculations, drawings and quotes of CHIMNEYS.

This software must be utilized by qualified personnel who have competence and sensitivity on the arguments and the object of the calculation methodologies. We refer in particular to regulations, laws and specific technical-scientific principles. Users should check their results.

The reliability of the results is directly related to the proper insertion of the technical parameters of the plant. The company Beza S.r.l. declines any criminal and civil liability for projects carried with ASTER Gen-C software because it is a design support and can not be considered an alternative to the designer.

Calculation program

    Installation requirements minimum