Calculating program for flues pipe

Flue pipes

AsterGen-C - Software for calculating

Software for calculating, designing and estimate individual and collective flues

AsterGen-C is a single software environment, based on a very explanatory graphics window containing the main phases of the project can be addressed easily calculations, drawings and quotes of CHIMNEYS.

This software must be utilized by qualified personnel who have competence and sensitivity on the arguments and the object of the calculation methodologies. We refer in particular to regulations, laws and specific technical-scientific principles. Users should check their results.

The reliability of the results is directly related to the proper insertion of the technical parameters of the plant. The company Beza S.r.l. declines any criminal and civil liability for projects carried with ASTER Gen-C software because it is a design support and can not be considered an alternative to the designer.

    Installation requirements minimum

    • 32-bit processor (x86) or 64-bit (x64) 1 GHz or faster;
    • 4GB of RAM (32 bit) or 8GB of RAM (64-bit);
    • 350 MB of available hard disk space;
    • Resolution 1024×768 or higher screen;
    • 3D class Video Card with at least 256MB of memory. Make sure the video card driver is compatible with OpenGL version 1.05 or higher and is up to date;
    • A keyboard and a mouse PS/2 or USB or other input device/pointing compatible, three-button mouse or with recommended wheel;
    • To install from CD or DVD requires a compatible optical drive;
    • Microsoft Windows® XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, for installation you must have administrator privileges (the program does not work directly on Mac);
    • Viewer RTF documents, compatible with Microsoft Word® 2003 or later;



    Realizzata in ACCIAIO INOX (asettico) in conformità alle norme attive ANTICOVID

    • La piantana è alta 107,5 cm - la base larga 20x20 cm
    • Vaschetta porta gel 10x10 cm
    • Non arruginisce
    • Resistente e facile nella manutenzione
    • Verniciatura in ogni colore (tempi e costi su richiesta)
    • Spedizione in tutta Italia in imballo di cartone

    Ideale per ogni tipo di ambiente, sia per interni che per esterni, già montata e pronta all’utilizzo, indispensabile per la riapertura di uffici commerciali, negozi, alimentari, bar, ristoranti, hotel, pasticcerie, parrucchieri, centri estetici, studi medici e tutte le attività aperte al pubblico

    Perfetta da posizionare all’ingresso
    di attività commerciali e strutture ricettive