Plant built “A rule of art” in Rosignano Solvay, Tuscany

Installation of flue pipe in Rosignano, Tuscany

Features: 8-floor apartment building with 50 housing units. The old central gas heating was turned into a modern, individually controlled heating with condensate boilers. Place: Rosignano Solvay (Livorno-Tuscany) Installer: Termoidraulica di Danilo Marzini – Rosignano Solvay (Livorno) BEZA chimney systems: Isotherm Ø400 (8 connections – condensate generators) Isoair Ø250 (4/5 connections – condensate generators) Complications […]

Liberi bakery in Rovereto, Trento

Panificio Liberi flue pipe installation in Rovereto

Isotherm and Drive installed at the “Liberi” bakery in Rovereto

Smoke exhaust in Turin

Installation of flue pipes for fume exhaust in Turin

This installation was carried out in 1999/2000. Despite the fact that it would have been installed at the backyard, the architect chose the Isotherm system with outer wall in copper just because it would have been in front of the various offices. There are two chimneys. The first one is a Ø200 chimney while the […]

Installation in San Volto, Turin

Installation of flue pipes in San Volto, Turin

This installation was carried out in 2005 in Turin during the construction of the new district of San Volto. The new district rose where the Teksid steel plant, property of the Fiat Group, used to rise. Being under the protection of the industrial archaeology, after the demolition of the buildings and the remediation of the […]

Installation at a school in Turin

Isotherm flue pipes installation in Turin

This installation, which initially appeared rather easy, was part of the new heating plant built during the renovation of a school at the suburban area of Turin. There structure consisted of two twin wall Isotherm chimneys and their connections to the boilers for which the designer chose single wall Drive products. However, in order to […]

Installation in Borgo Roma, Verona

Installation of flue pipes in Borgo Roma, Verona

During the renovation of the heating plant of the Policlinico Hospital of Borgo Roma in Verona the installer used four twin wall Isotherm Ø1000 and Ø850 chimneys with a 50 mm high density mineral wool insulation. All four chimneys were placed within a triangular framework that was placed on a reinforced concrete plinth built for […]

Installation in Livorno, Tuscany

Isoair flue pipe installation in Livorno

Installer: Folgore Global Service Srl Chimney System: Isoair Ø250, 6 different users.

2 collective flues side by side in Vercelli

Installation of two collective flue pipes side by side in Vercelli

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE BUILDING: 6 storey building with 6 condensing boilers for each flue pipe. LOCALITY: Vercelli (Piemonte) INSTALLER: Company Marcone Andrea Via Boccaccio, 35 – 13100 Vercelli Installer Marcone geom. Andrea Planner ing. Alberto Frigato Phone 0161-212417 BEZA SYSTEMS IMPLIED: ISOTHERM Øint.250/Øest.300 mm NOTES: Two twin collective rods each connected to 6 boilers. The stability is guaranteed […]

30 meters Isotherm painted white Portorose

Isotherm flue pipe installation in Portoroz

FEATURES OF THE BUILDING AND PLACE: Hotel Riviera – Portorose (Slovenia) INSTALLER: Regular d.o.o. BEZA SYSTEMS APPLIED: ISOTHERM Øint.400/Øext.450 mm With white painted external wall RAL 9010 NOTES: Perfectly successful installation despite the 30-meter high chimney and the size of the system used.

Installation of the Pat Stop Fire

Pat Stop Fire flue pipe installation

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PLANTS: Flue to the service of solid fuel generator with installation of the PAT STOP FIRE element for the crossing of the wooden roof. PLACE: San Donà di Piave (VE) INSTALLER: Sinedil Via Garda, 1 San Donà di Piave (VE) BEZA SYSTEMS USED: ISOTHERM Øint.250 / Øest.300 mm PAT STOP FIRE Øint.340 […]