Coaxial pipe for boiler

Coaxial pipe for boiler: what it is and why it is so important

Coaxial pipe for boiler: an essential component for heat systems and modern boilers.

This device plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency and the safety of domestic heat systems.

A coaxial pipe for boiler is designed to perform two different operations. More specifically, it draws air into the system, which is necessary for combustion, and, simultaneously, draws the exhaust fumes, gererated during combustion, out of the system. This particular design, with the external liner drawing in air and the internal one discharging exhaust fume, comes with quite a few advantages. One of the main ones is safety, since it allows to avoid the risk of gas or carbon monoxide leakage. Moreover, it helps increase the energetic efficiency of the system ensuring the comburent air is always at room temperature which optimises the whole combustion procedure.

These pipes are made of materials that are highly resistant to both high temperatures and weathering. And, therefor have an excellent durability. The various interlocking components can be combined together in many different ways to fit the specific requirements of each heating system.

What is a coaxial pipe used for?

Coaxial pipes can be installed internally or externally and allow both fume exhaust and air intake, simultaneaously, without the need to install two different flues.

This ensures the constant and optimal natural draught of the chimney.

How much does a coaxial pipe for boiler cost?

Prices for coaxial pipes for boilers may vary depending on the characteristics of the product. Their actual cost may vary depending on the:

  • diameter of the pipe;
  • raw material used to manufacture the pipe (stainless steel, copper or plastic polymer);
  • type of the flue

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Coaxial pipe for boiler

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