Flue for agritourism facility

Flue for agritourism facility

Having a quality flue installed in one’s agritourism facility is of the utmost importance for a number of reasons related to safety, sustainability and the welfare of the guests and of the surrounding environment. Do not trust the first product you come accross. Choose the quality of the Beza certified and MADE IN ITALY flue for agritourism facility!

Here are the key points to underline the importance of a quality flue:

1) Safety

A properly designed and built flue ensures that the combustion fumes and gases are correctly removed. Therefore, a flawed or inefficient product, could cause for carbon monoxide and other toxic gases to accumulate inside the facility. This would put the health of both the guests and the personnel at risk.

2) Indoor air quality

This appliance helps keep indoor air clean and safe to breathe. This is particularly important for agritourism facilities where people spend much time inside confined spaces. A properly functioning flue for agritourism facility helps prevent harmful particles from accumulating in the air thus improving the quality of the air that people breathe in.

3) Energetic efficiency of the flue for agritourism facillity

An appropriate flue allows a more proper dispersion of the heat generated during combustion. This could contribute to make a more efficient use of the energetic resources thus reducing heat costs and making the indoor environment of the facility more comfortable.

4) Respect for regulations

Many jurisdictions have specific regulations for flues, their placement, their dimensions and the materials they are made of. Having a flue that complies with these regulations is essential in order to avoid fines and sanctions.

5) Sustainability

If there are wood stoves or other biomass generators in your agritourism facility, a high quality flue will turn combustion into a more efficient and cleaner procedure. This will reduce the emissions of pollutants in the air and contribute to environmental sustainability.

6) Customer experience

Guests at an agritourism facility expect to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable experience. A high quality flue ensures that both the heating system and the chimney function properly thus contributing to create a more comfortable environment for guests during their stay.

7) Easy maintenance for the flue for agritourism facility.

A properly built flue system is far easier to clean and maintain. This can reduce the mainentance costs and extend the duration of the flue itself.

Would you like to receive further information on the way of usage of flues for agritourism facilities?

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Flue for agritourism facility

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