Flue for fireplace

A flue for fireplace is a crucial component that performs a series of important functions. Ultimately, its main purpose is to safely convey the exhaust gases produced during the combustion of wood or other combustible materials in the fireplace.

Why is a flue essential to a fireplace?

Here are the main reasons why a flue is essential to a fireplace.

First of all, the flue allows to remove harmful gases and products of combustion. Without the flue, these gases, such carbon monoxide, could spread within the household and cause some serious health issues to its residents.

Then, the flue helps prevent fire. Its structure, and the materials it is made of, are designed to resist to high temperatures and prevent adjacent walls from overheating and catching fire.

Furthermore, the flue improves the energetic efficiency of the fireplace. It conveys the flow in an appropriate way thus creating a draught that allows proper and complete combustion which means less smoke and gas inside the house.

Finally, the flue helps prevent the deposit of creosote. This highly inflammable substance accumulates on the inner wall of the flue when the combustion is inefficient. It is therefore crucial that the flue gets cleaned regularly in order to avoid fire.

In summary, the flue plays a crucial role when it comes to the safety and the efficiency of fireplaces as it ensures that combustion occurs in a safe and controlled manner and that residents are protected from hazardous exhaust gases and fire.

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Flue for fireplace

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