Flues for canteens

Flue for a canteen

The flue for a canteen is a fundamental component of all facilities intended for the preparation of food. Its importance arises from the need to handle properly the fumes and vapours produced during cooking, thus contributing to maintain the environment healthy and comfortable, for both the personnel and the guests.

How is this flue designed?

This flue is carefully designed in a way to guarantee safety and compliance with the fire safety regulations and food hygiene regulations in effect. It plays a crucial role in eliminating the pollutants from the air – such as grease, vapours and harmful chimical substances – that would otherwise accumulate in the canteen and become a health risk.

Designing a flue for a canteen requires a thorough evaluation of the structural and functional data.

It must be sized correctly so to be capable of processing the whole amount of fumes produced in the kitchen based on the types of appliances and on the cooking methods.

Furthermore, it is important to consider the arrangement of the various appliances, such as fireplaces and fans to ensure the correct flow of air and the efficient purification of the fumes.

Aesthetic impact

Besides its practical function, a flue can also have an aesthetic impact on the interior of a canteen. Its design can be integrated in the architectural design of the facility and add a touch of style that perfeclty blends in with the surrounding environment.

In conclusion, the flue for a canteen is an essential component that safeguards both the environment and the health inside food service facilities. Thorough designing and professional installation ensure a pleasant and safe culinary experience for both personnel and guests.

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