Installation in San Volto, Turin

This installation was carried out in 2005 in Turin during the construction of the new district of San Volto. The new district rose where the Teksid steel plant, property of the Fiat Group, used to rise.
Being under the protection of the industrial archaeology, after the demolition of the buildings and the remediation of the site, the only “relic” to remain intact was a 60 m, Ø1,910 m chimney stack.

The designer managed to obtain the necessary license from the authorities and placed three twin wall Isotherm Ø300 chimneys inside the old chimney stack.

He used elements with a 50 mm high density ceramic fibre insulation for the first 40 m, while for the remaining 20 m he used single wall elements Ø300 manufactured in 1 mm stainless steel AISI 316. Special intermediate wall supports and brackets also had to be manufactured to support the whole structure.

A special rack lifter was necessary for the assembly and maintenance of the chimneys. It was in fact built inside the chimney stack and will permanently remain there.

Novità Isoair+!

Canna fumaria sistema Isoair plus

Ideale per le alte temperature fino a 600°C (T600)
– Certificato G.

Il sistema è composto da elementi a parete doppia in acciaio inox. La coibentazione è  realizzata con intercapedine d’aria dello spessore di 10 mm.
Tutti gli elementi sono dotati di innesto maschio/femmina e di guarnizione termoresistente.