Beza Academy presenta i webinar del mese di Novembre:

  •  Dimensionamento  Canna Fumaria con esempi pratici – venerdì 05 novembre alle ore 11,00
  •  Prodotti a parete singola Drive-Joint-Simple Mod: casi d’uso – venerdì 19 novembre alle ore 11,00

Plant built “A rule of art” in Rosignano Solvay, Tuscany

Features: 8-floor apartment building with 50 housing units. The old central gas heating was turned into a modern, individually controlled heating with condensate boilers.

Place: Rosignano Solvay (Livorno-Tuscany)

Installer: Termoidraulica di Danilo Marzini – Rosignano Solvay (Livorno)

BEZA chimney systems:

  • Isotherm Ø400 (8 connections – condensate generators)
  • Isoair Ø250 (4/5 connections – condensate generators)

Complications during the installation:
The building has a horseshoe-like shape with several terraces. Offset was achieved using elbows. Condensate exhaust fumes are conducted to the drainage were they get drained and disposed of.