State-of-the-art flue system in Rosignano Solvay, Tuscany

Features: 8-floor apartment complex with 50 apartments. The old gas central heating system was replaced by a modern, independent heating system with condensing boilers.

Location: Rosignano Solvay (Livorno-Tuscany)

Installer: Termoidraulica di Danilo Marzini – Rosignano Solvay (Livorno)

BEZA flue systems:

  • Twin wall with rockwool insulation, Isotherm, Øint400 / Øext500 (8 connections – condensing generators)
  • Twin wall with air layer,Isoair, Øint250 / Øext270 (4/5 connections – condensing generators)

Complications during the installation:
The building has a horseshoe-like shape with several terraces. Offset was achieved using elbows. Condensing waste products are conveyed directly to the sewerage.