Beza Academy presenta i webinar di Luglio:

  • Dimensionamento Canna Fumaria con esempi pratici – 09 luglio alle ore 14,00
  • I sistemi Beza a parete doppia con relativi casi d’uso: Isotherm/Isoblank/Isoair/PAT – 23 luglio alle ore 14,00

Smoke exhaust in Turin

This installation was carried out in 1999/2000. Despite the fact that it would have been installed at the backyard, the architect chose the Isotherm system with outer wall in copper just because it would have been in front of the various offices.

There are two chimneys. The first one is a Ø200 chimney while the second one is a Ø150 chimney with a pretty long and distorted conduit.

Chimneys are 20/25 m long while smoke conduits are 7/8 m long.