Beza Academy presenta i webinar del mese di Novembre:

  •  Dimensionamento  Canna Fumaria con esempi pratici – venerdì 05 novembre alle ore 11,00
  •  Prodotti a parete singola Drive-Joint-Simple Mod: casi d’uso – venerdì 19 novembre alle ore 11,00

Installation at a school in Turin

This installation, which initially appeared rather easy, was part of the new heating plant built during the renovation of a school at the suburban area of Turin.

There structure consisted of two twin wall Isotherm chimneys and their connections to the boilers for which the designer chose single wall Drive products.

However, in order to install both chimneys the Ø350 chimney had to be fixed to the building’s wall while the Ø200 chimney had to be fixed to the first chimney. The two chimneys were thus put one in front of the other.

In order to sustain the compression load special wall supports were required. We also had to manufacture special brackets capable of blocking both chimneys against the wall.

The total height of the two chimneys is 25 m and there is a 6 m section without wall supports.