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What are the flues for?

The fundamental element for any heating system, whether it is installed in a house or a factory, is the flue system and not the burner, as we tend to mistakenly think.
This is because it is the right design, construction and maintenance of the flue pipe, to ensure maximum system performance.
Having a stove of the latest model but connecting it to a poor fireplace is a waste of money and it is also a very big security risk
The stove is not an autonomous element: without a good chimney, this will not make the most of it.

Another problem is also the escape of the fumes from the stove!
This is a delicate problem and must be solved in a technically appropriate way.
Therefore, before purchasing a new stove, you must always first check the type and condition of the chimney (if already present) or check the possibility of building a new one.
It will be necessary to aim at the construction of a quality system if you do not want to incur damage or health risks: understanding the use of a chimney will also help to understand its importance.

The importance of the fireplace

A flue pipes performs two functions: the first is to evacuate the combustion fumes while the second is to build the combustion engine.
The air does not enter the stove autonomously and for this reason the chimney has the task of pushing the air into the combustion chamber.
Three factors are necessary for this combustion to take place: fuel, high temperature and combustion air.
The fuel is obviously wood, in this case.
The high temperature is ensured by the confinement of combustion in the fire chamber.
The third element is the air which acts as a comburent.
To carry out this task, the chimney uses nothing other than the characteristics of combustion itself: the fumes and the high temperature.

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