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Pipe for cooker hood: rely on the quality of Beza

The importance of the pipe for cooker hood, and, thereby, for the discharge of cooking vapours, should not be underestimated. If you do not want your kitchen to be filled with cooking vapours and bad smell you should always make sure you purchase and install a quality duct for the exhaust of the fumes and vapours produced when using your cooker.

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Discover all our products at factory prices! We have an array of flue systems that are suitable for all types of kitchens: small ones or big ones and even professional kitchens for large industrial plants. All our products are manufactured in Italy and certified. You may therefore purchase a product entirely MADE IN ITALY with the Beza mark and warranty. We only use premium quality raw materials to manufacture quality products that ensure fine workmanship and high performances.

Choosing the appropriate flue for your cooker hood is of the utmost importance if you wish to have a clean, safe and vapour-free kitchen. Furthermore, a good flue system is the first step in order to have a kitchen that is efficient, first class, and in accordance with the regulations.

Pipes for cooker hoods at factory prices

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Which pipe should I use for my cooker hood?

A duct for the exhaust of cooking fumes will work properly as long as it is made of a material capable of resisting to the high temperature vapours produced in a kitchen while cooking. On that account, we highly recommend you install a stainless steel exhaust pipe on your cooker hood. Our pipes are certified and made of stainless steel AISI 316L a top quality, highly efficient steel that resists to corrosion and other factors that could cause the pipes to wear away such as heat and humidity.

Please also keep in mind there is a minimum height the flue must have in order to ensure a proper draught and it depends on the type of structure.

The perfect flue for your kitchen

At Beza we design, manufacture and market the best flues available on the market.

Our products are entirely made in Italy, they are premium quality products and they come at a vast variety of materials, sizes and diameters in order to meet the requirements of all cooking systems.

Please browse our online catalogue for further details and information and for the technical features of each product.

Regardless of the actual size of your kitchen, you can always count on our experts to suggest the best system for exhaust fumes to install, and to help you avoid future issues or solve issues you are already facing.

How much does it cost to install a flue for the exhaust of the fumes of a kitchen?

If you are wondering how much the installation of a flue for the exhaust of the fumes in your kitchen could cost, we are here to help you.

Besides producing and selling flues, at Beza we also have an additional service of installation of flues

Thanks to our team of workers you will have all the support you need during installation and make sure your flue is installed in compliance with the regulations in effect.

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Would you like to receive further information on the way of usage of the pipe for cooker hood?

For more detailed information on our products you can send your requests to our professionals and contact us directly by email: info@beza.it. We shall be very glad to answer each and every question regarding the destination of use of our products. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page, and stay up to date with our latest news!

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Premium quality products

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