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  • Dimensionamento Canna Fumaria con esempi pratici – 09 luglio alle ore 14,00
  • I sistemi Beza a parete doppia con relativi casi d’uso: Isotherm/Isoblank/Isoair/PAT – 23 luglio alle ore 14,00
Canna fumaria sistema Simple Mod

Plastic flue pipes

Plastic flue pipes – Production and sale of plastic flue systems in plastic and flexible. Single wall and double wall system.

For over 50 years, we at Beza s.r.l. we deal with the production of plastic flue pipes.
In addition to production, we also deal with the sale and supply of retailers.

The plastic flue pipe are ideal for chimneys, smoke evacuation at low temperatures from condensing boilers and successfully solve the problems of building rehabilitation and adaptation of old smoke ducts unsuitable for receiving the fumes emitted from these appliances.
Choosing the plastic flue pipes you will have a light, practical chimney with minimal weight and bulk.
The advantages of using these flues are the extreme flexibility, the possibility of being installed both inside and outside and the very wide range.

Entrusted to the specialists of Beza s.r.l. for the correct installation of the smoke system. We install smoke systems for companies and individuals. Look at all our plastic flue pipes and choose the one that best fits your system.
Not found what you are looking for? Call us or contact us directly from our form, our specialists will advise you on the best flue.
Find us in San Giovanni Lupatoto of Verona.

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