Beza Academy presenta i webinar di Maggio:
I sistemi Beza con relativi casi d’uso – Isotherm/Isoblank/Isoair/PAT – 07 maggio alle ore 14,00
Scarico Fumi di Caldaie a Condensazione – 21 maggio alle ore 14,00

Canna fumaria sistema Simple Mod
Flue pipe
Simple mod
Single wall system


Plastic flue pipes Simple Mod

The SIMPLE MOD system is composed of single wall elements with circular section. It is suitable for condensate boilers, it resists to corrosion and its maximum operating temperature is 120°C.

Both flexible and rigid products are manufactured in PPs, self-extinguishing plastic polymer. All rigid products have a male-female socket and a seal.

The flexible products have a patented threaded system and can be connected to the rigid products using specific sleeves.


Single wall flue system SIMPLE MOD

With seal

Flue pipe


Methane gas


Steams of cooking

Diesel oil

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