Uses of flue pipes

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Uses of flue pipes

Flue pipes are essential elements for the efficiency and safety of buildings, housesand various activities. They are mainly used to evacuate the fumes and gases produced by boilers, stoves and other combustion appliances. In this section “uses of flue pipes” you will discover why they are essential, given that they guarantee that the fumes are evacuated correctly and that dangerous situations are not created for the occupants of the building.

In these articles you will find various situations where their use is required such as in kitchens, warehouses, restaurants, pizzerias and more.

We remind you that the flues must be constantly checked to ensure that they function correctly and that there are no obstacles or obstructions inside the barrel itself. This is why we at Beza always recommend carrying out periodic maintenance on your flues. All to guarantee the safety and efficiency of your pipes.

At Beza we take care of installations and maintenance. Contact us for a quote.

In general, the correct use of flues is essential to ensure the health and safety of building occupants, as well as avoid problems with the law.

For this reason it is important that the smoke evacuation pipes are installed correctly. In addition to installation, it is important that these elements are designed to conform to standards, last over time and guarantee high performance: like our Beza brand products.

On our website you can find a large catalog of different types of products that will be right for you! For your project choose our stainless steel, copper or plastic flues, designed and created by expert engineers to produce top-of-the-range elements. In addition to the material, you will be able to find other subdivisions of the products such as single-wall and double-wall, various dimensions of the diameter and length of the single pipe.

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