Flue pipes

Metal flue pipes

Metal Flue pipes – Production and sale of metal flue pipes systems in stainless steel and flexible. Single wall and double wall system.

For more than 50 years, we at Beza s.r.l., have been dealing with the production of metal and copper flue pipes.
In addition to production, we also deal with the sale and supply of retailers.

The metal flue pipe is ideal for fireplaces, stoves (pellets and wood) and heating systems that need a way to evacuate the fumes produced by combustion.
By choosing the metal flue pipe you will have a flue that is resistant to temperature, thermal shocks and is impermeable to gases.
You can also have a comfortable alternative both for insertion, thanks to its flexibility, and for its impermeability to humidity: this is the flexible stainless steel barrel.
There is also a double wall version to make it more resistant to temperatures.

Entrusted to the specialists of Beza s.r.l. for the correct installation of the smoke system. We install smoke systems for companies and individuals. Look at all our metal chimneys and choose the one that best fits your system.
Not found what you are looking for? Call us or contact us directly from our form, our specialists will advise you on the best flue.
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Realizzata in ACCIAIO INOX (asettico) in conformità alle norme attive ANTICOVID

  • La piantana è alta 107,5 cm - la base larga 20x20 cm
  • Vaschetta porta gel 10x10 cm
  • Non arruginisce
  • Resistente e facile nella manutenzione
  • Verniciatura in ogni colore (tempi e costi su richiesta)
  • Spedizione in tutta Italia in imballo di cartone

Ideale per ogni tipo di ambiente, sia per interni che per esterni, già montata e pronta all’utilizzo, indispensabile per la riapertura di uffici commerciali, negozi, alimentari, bar, ristoranti, hotel, pasticcerie, parrucchieri, centri estetici, studi medici e tutte le attività aperte al pubblico

Perfetta da posizionare all’ingresso
di attività commerciali e strutture ricettive